Great Colours and Finishes From Monocouche Render

The function of house render is simple, it weather proofs your property and offers an extra layer of insulation to keep your family warm. Once in a while, though, a render product like monocouche arrives that seems to offer all the basics, plus a great range of value-adds. It’s incredibly popular with Logic Plastering customers at the moment so in this article, we’ll take look at the 8 benefits of monocouche render that set it apart from the rest.

Applying Monocouche Render to Your Property

The term ‘monocouche’ means, quite simply, ‘one coat’. Having originated in France, it’s now being manufactured in the UK. Apart from the speed and efficiency of its application, it’s also popular for being a coloured render, so you’re saved the job of painting as well! The render can be sprayed, or hand trowelled and – dependent on weather conditions – it takes between 5-36 hours to dry.

8 Benefits of Monocouche Render

Whilst there are many types of render to choose from, monocouche draws fulsome praise from customers for its durability, flawless finish, and consistent colour. The Logic Plastering team now use it regularly, and we recommend the following benefits:

1. A Great Range of Colours

Monocouche is a pre-coloured render, offering a great range of colours to choose from. There’s no need to paint the render once complete and, in our experience, the colouration is even and consistent. All you need to do is wait for the render to dry and you have a beautifully finished exterior for your home.

2. Excellent Insulation

With just one layer of render, around 15mm in depth, you are guaranteed protection from the worst of the British weather. Additionally, monocouche offers insulation for your property making it easier to keep your family warm in winter and cool in the summer.

3. A Breathable Solution

A breathable render stops water from getting trapped between the wall and the render. Lime is the most breathable render available, and monocouche doesn’t reach the same standard. It is, however, reasonably breathable which will certainly be enough to protect the majority of properties against damp.

4. Fast Application

Some renders require pauses between each application in order to ensure the previous layer is dry. That’s not the case with monocouche render; it needs just one coat which makes it fast and efficient to install.

5. Minimises the Risk of Cracks

Cracks in render are caused by slight shifts in buildings which occur naturally over time. Monocouche render is designed to flex with these shifts, rather than remaining rigid. This means that there’s less chance of cracks and repairs over the years.

Minimises the Risk of Cracks

6. Resistant to Algae

You’ve probably noticed that some renders develop a greenish tinge over time. This is due to algae which grows where the material is porous. Whilst monocouche render is porous it has an integrated protection against algae which maintains the colour and finish.

7. Different Finishes to Choose From

In addition to choosing the colour you want for your external render you can also choose the textural finish that best suits your property. These include dry dashed, scraped, or roughcast.

8. Apply Directly to a Range of Surfaces

Monocouche render offers the added convenience of being suitable for direct application to blockwork, brick, and masonry. Some substrates may need a primer or base coat before work can begin.

Like the Sound of Monocouche Render?

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