What Are The Benefits of Plastering Walls?

At Logic Plastering we’re often asked, ‘should I plaster my walls?’, and in the vast majority of cases we would recommend it, without hesitation. Plastering is the traditional way to finish a room; it covers up the rough brickwork and creates a smooth and attractive paint-ready surface. Quite apart from the look, though, plaster offers a number of benefits that enhance everyday life in your home.

Why Should I Plaster My Walls?

There are numerous ways that plaster improves both the durability of your home, and the quality of life for people living in it. Here’s a brief list of the benefits of plastering walls:

  1. A Good-Looking Finish. Plastering helps to create a smooth and even surface on the wall. Walls may have imperfections such as cracks, dents, or unevenness due to the construction process. Plastering fills in these imperfections and provides a level surface, which is very helpful for applying your chosen décor for your home.
  2. Durability and Protection. Plaster is a protective layer for the underlying wall material, such as brick, or concrete. It helps to stop moisture penetration from outside, which can lead to structural damage or mould. Plaster also adds strength to the wall surface, making it more resistant to wear and tear.
  3. Decorative Plasterwork. Plastering can be used to customise your room’s décor. It can be finished in various ways, such as smooth, textured, or decorative finishes. We can also add coving or cornice work which can add a period feel to a room, or give it a fresh, contemporary edge.
  4. Sound Insulation. Plastering can improve sound insulation by reducing noise transmission through walls. A layer of plaster helps to dampen sound vibrations and reduces the amount of noise entering or leaving a room. This can be very useful in homes that combine working and living spaces.
  5. Fire Resistance. Plastering can enhance the fire resistance of a wall. Depending on the type of plaster used, it can provide a certain degree of fire protection by slowing down the spread of flames and heat. This can be crucial for improving the safety of a building and allowing occupants more time to escape in the event of a fire.

Dry Lining Rather Than Plastering

Plaster is a wet material that needs to dry out before it can be painted, or wall papered. If you’re wondering ‘should I plaster my walls?’ because you’re looking for a faster alternative to plaster, then you may want to think about drylining.

Dry lining uses plasterboard, which is a dry material to line your walls. Boards which are cut to size, are used to cover both existing surfaces and newly constructed walls or ceilings. A dry lining frame system is used to create the structure of the wall, onto which plasterboards are fitted to form a complete wall or partition.

It is also possible to paint or wallpaper directly onto the plasterboard, but taping and jointing and plaster skimming will give a finish that’s equivalent to plaster work.

Alternatives to Plaster?

If you prefer not to use plaster, there are alternative options available. For instance, leaving a feature wall with exposed brickwork can create a striking effect and add character to a room. Another popular choice is wood panelling, which provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, it is important to consider that using wood panelling on all four walls might feel rather overwhelming in its impact.


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