Top-Quality Plastering for Residential and Commercial Properties

Logic Plastering has a team of plasterers in Bedford, providing a range of services to businesses and homeowners, including insurance work. We’re established professionals, with nearly two decades of experience in Bedford. It’s important to us that our customer service is as exceptional as the plastering services we offer, and we’re always delighted to take on new customers.

The Plastering Services We Offer

As a local company, we’ve built an excellent reputation across Bedfordshire. We’re aware, though, that ‘you’re only as good as your last job’ so every job is carried out meticulously. Our plasterers in Bedford offer the following services:

1. Plastering Walls and Ceilings

Our plaster work for Bedford customers prepares walls for painting; we pride ourselves in creating a smooth, flawless finish that will last for decades. We can plaster a wall using traditional plastering techniques, or plaster skimming.

  • Traditional Plaster Work. This is how plaster has been applied for centuries, and it’s a skilled and painstaking process. The plaster is applied in 3 layers. Each one needs an excellent finish, and it has to dry out completely before the next layer is added. A wall needs to be plastered if it hasn’t yet been plastered, has holes that need filling, or if it needs levelling.
  • Plaster Skimming. Plaster skimming requires only one application of a coating that’s around 3mm in depth. It’s a surface plaster, so it should be used if you’re touching up blemishes on an existing plastered wall, or of you want to cover up hairline cracks. It’s a much faster way to plaster your walls and paint can normally be applied in 1-2 days.

2. Dry Lining Ceilings and Walls

If you don’t have the time for traditional plasterwork techniques, dry lining is a fast, high-quality alternative. It’s made of plasterboard which is precisely pre-cut to the dimensions of your wall or ceiling, and then fixed securely to the brickwork, using a metal or timber frame. It’s fast to install, and only requires plaster skimming to level out the joints.

3. Exterior Rendering

Rendering is carried out on the exterior of your property by our plasterers in Bedford, rather than the interior. There are 3 main reasons for rendering your property; it freshens up your home and heightens its kerb appeal. Second. It offers a weatherproofing layer that stops water getting into the brickwork. Third, rendering is a natural insulator, it will keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Logic plasterers in Bedford offer different types of external wall rendering:

  • Monocouche a one-coat, coloured render that’s durable and maintenance-free.
  • Acrylic Renders – excellent stain and water resistance.
  • Sand & Cement – a budget option offering a smooth or textured finish.
  • Lime Renders – plaster that holds water so it can evaporate naturally.
  • Silicate Renders – very durable and weather resistant.
  • Through-Coloured Renders – a durable render with blended colour in the mix.


An Experienced Team of Plasterers in Bedford

Logic Plastering has been providing local plastering services in Bedfordshire for close on two decades. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have an excellent track record.

Professional and Reliable Plasterers

Plastering is a competitive sector, and you don’t survive as long as we have without maintaining incredibly high standards of work and customer service.

Safe Working Conditions

We have always run a safe environment for our plasterers. All our tradesmen are fully insured and receive regular occupational health and safety training.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customers are our number one priority. No job is considered complete until we know there’s 100% satisfaction. We always ask for feedback and learn from what customers tell us.

Free Quotes

We always provide a free, no obligation quote on all our jobs, large or small.

Would you like to talk to one of our plasterers in Bedford about interior or exterior plastering for your home or business? Call us today on 07809 228328