Local, Reliable Plasterers in Luton

If you’re looking to ‘finish’ a room in preparation for decorating, or you want an elegant coving feature for your dining room, you’ll need a plasterer. At Logic Plastering we create beautiful plaster surfaces both internally and externally. And because most plastering is about creating a good-looking surface, it’s worth getting a professional to do the job well. Logic plasterers in Luton can be relied upon to deliver top-quality skills and professionalism.

At Logic Plastering our local Luton plasterers offer clients 5 professional guarantees on their work:

  1. Local Experience. We’ve been working in and around Luton for 10 years now, and we have a strong local reputation for excellent craftsmanship.
  2. A Professional Outfit. We turn up when we say we will, and we complete our work to deadline. All our plasterers in Luton are experienced professionals.
  3. A Safe Pair of Hands. All Logic Plastering employees receive Health & Safety training. As a result, they understand how to keep the work environment safe from hazards.
  4. Customer Service. The job is signed off only when our customers tell us they’re happy with the work.
  5. Every Job Guaranteed. We guarantee every piece of work that we do, and if you need to contact us, we’re local and easy to get hold of.

Methods of Plastering

There are a number of ways in which plastering is applied. Which method is employed is dependent on the condition of the original walls, and the use to which the room will be put. Logic plastering plasterers can offer advice on the most appropriate method, and provide a free, no obligation quote for the work.

Skimming or Plastering Walls and Ceilings

If you’re preparing a room for painting or wallpapering you need a clean, smooth surface to achieve the very best results. That’s where professional plastering comes in. Our plastering team have the skills and experience to provide you with a second-to-none surface, using either skimming or plastering, that is even, consistently smooth, and beautifully finished.

Skimming or Plastering Walls and Ceilings

Applying Dry Lining Plasterboard To Walls and Ceilings

If you are working to a tight deadline, and don’t want to wait for plaster to dry, plasterboard may be a good option. Dry lining comes in a range of sizes and shapes. It’s fitted directly onto the wall, then the joints between boards are taped to provide a smooth surface. A professional dry liner will be able to finish your room efficiently and leave you with a paint ready surface in just a few hours.

Coving & Cornices

If you’re looking for a distinctive decorative finish for your rooms, you may wish to consider adding coving. This is plasterwork which softens the right angle where the ceiling and wall meet. The types of coving and cornice work range from elegant minimalism to complex Victorian designs. This effect was originally designed for high ceilinged rooms, but a simple coving feature looks stunning in any kind of domestic interior.

External Plastering

It’s not only internal walls that are improved by plastering; external brickwork also benefits from an extra layer to protect it from the weather. External plastering, or rendering, also helps with insulation. And, if you’re looking to give a building a facelift, it’s an excellent and cost-effective way to change the colour and appearance.

Logic Plastering external plastering finishes include:

  • Lime plaster has been used for centuries and continues to be popular. Like a sponge, lime render holds water, keeping moisture away from brickwork, until it evaporates naturally.
  • Polymer render takes lime, or white cement as its base. Polymers are ready-mixed and through-coloured prior to application and they minimise the risk of cracking.
  • Acrylic plaster uses a type of plastic in the mix, which makes it stronger and more flexible than other renders. It provides a smooth finish and comes in a range of colours.
  • Cement is the most commonly used render and it’s the cheapest option. The material is mixed on site and applied in layers by skilled plasterers.
  • Monocouche plaster requires only one coat, is more durable than traditional renders and is a coloured render that won’t need masonry paint to be applied afterwards.

Logic Plastering for Reliable Plasterers in Luton

We’re a local company that’s built a business largely by word-of-mouth over the last decade. Our growing network of local clients use us again and again because they know that they can rely on us for competitive pricing, personalised service, and a thoroughly professional attitude on every job. If you’re looking for local plasterers in Luton, you can rely on Logic Plastering.

Looking for local Luton plasterers you can rely on for excellent work and competitive prices? Call Logic Plastering today for a free no obligation quote – 07809 228328