Plastering Over Artex

Homeowners loved Artex ceilings back in the 1970s and 80s, which is why there are so many of those plaster dimples and swirls around today. Many people are happy to live with their Artex ceilings but others are determined to rid their home of them. At Logic Plastering we carry out plastering over Artex regularly, but it’s not the only option. In this blog we offer guidance on how to go about getting rid of unwanted Artex.

Testing Artex for Asbestos

Asbestos was originally added to plaster to create the texture for patterning. This practice became unlawful in 1999, but ceilings created prior to that probably contain asbestos. It’s important to find out because plaster containing asbestos needs to be removed by licensed specialists. This is due to the chronic effects breathing in asbestos can have on your health. If your Artex ceiling remains untouched, it isn’t a health hazard.

If You Have No Asbestos in Your Artex Ceiling

There are three options for getting rid of Artex, if you know it’s asbestos-free:

  1. Remove the Artex. This is, without doubt, the most expensive option as artex is hard to shift.
  2. Scrape and Skim. If you have swirls rather than dimples it may be possible to scrape off the patterning to leave a smooth surface. This can then be covered with PVA and followed up with a skim coat of plaster.
  3. False Ceiling. Dimpled, or stippled Artex can be covered over with a false ceiling made of drylining plasterboard. You end up with a smooth surface to work with, but your ceiling height is slightly lower.

Plastering Over Artex That Contains Asbestos

If you find that your Artex contains asbestos, there are still options for dealing with it, but they are more limited:

  1. Skimming Over Artex. We wouldn’t recommend scraping artex with asbestos in it, even with masks. If you have patterned Artex, it’s possible to coat it with PVA to achieve a flat surface, and then skim it. Stippled Artex can’t be treated effectively in this way.
  2. False or Drop Ceiling. This is by far the safest option with Artex. Fixing a false ceiling with drylining is fast and the results are great. You’ll have a flat, smooth surface and the Artex will be banished from sight. Best news is that drylining materials mean you can decorate straight away!

Logic Plastering is a Drywall Contractor in Bedford

When you’re dealing with potentially dangerous materials like Artex, you need a plastering company you can trust. The Logic Plastering team will never take any chances with the health of your family, or employees. We carefully survey any sites with Artex from the 70s or 80s and will make recommendations that err on the side of caution.

Logic Plastering is a local business in Bedfordshire with a great reputation across the county. We’re proud of the fact that we’re considered the professional plasterers of choice by our customers, and we work hard to maintain our standards on every job. A Logic Plasterer will turn up when you expect him, do the work to the highest of standards, and clear up before leaving.

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