Does Cracked Render Cause Damp?

External plastering, or rendering, protects our homes and buildings in two ways. First, it insulates them against either extreme cold, or extreme heat. Second, it weatherproofs the brickwork, adding a protective layer to ensure that walls remain dry and durable. Cracked render creates vulnerabilities in this protective layer and heightens the risk of damp and crumbling brickwork.

What Causes Cracked Render?

Cracked render is normally caused by small movement in the foundations of your home or building. These are perfectly normal and are caused by cold spells when the ground contracts, and hot periods when it expands. This slight movement causes hairline cracks in your render. Cement render tends to be more vulnerable to cracking than lime render which tends to breathe with the house.

Are Hairline Cracks in Render a Problem?

The potholes we experience on our roads started out as hairline cracks. The water got into them, froze and caused expansion. Eventually chunks of the tarmac crumble and fall away. The same can happen with cracked render. Whilst large cracks and patches where render has fallen away look unsightly, though, the aesthetics aren’t the main problem.

Does Cracked Render Cause Damp?

Cracks in render allow water to enter which can then become trapped between the render and the brickwork. This moisture, if left unchecked, will eventually soak into the internal brickwork and may cause penetrating damp. There are a number of signs to look out for that indicate this could be the case:

  • Black mould on particular areas of the wall
  • Patches of damp that become pronounced in wet weather
  • Plaster work feels damp to the touch and may crumble
  • A damp odour in your home

What Should I Do About Cracked External Plaster?

The best time to deal with this problem is when you first notice hairline cracks. Logic Plastering would recommend calling in a professional external renderer. Why? Because they’ll be able to either diagnose the problem, or suggest that you contact a surveyor for more detailed inspection of your building’s structure.

Hairline cracks are fairly simple to deal with. They need to be securely sealed in order to ensure that moisture can’t get between the render and the walls. Where your render has ‘blown’, or fallen away from the walls leaving brickwork exposed, the render repair is more extensive. All crumbling plaster needs to be hacked away and patches applied. Our Logic Plastering specialists are normally able to achieve invisible render repairs for customers.

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