What is Rendering?

As we begin to look for newer and smarter ways to lower the energy usage in our homes, it’s worth thinking about the thermal insulation offered by rendering. This relatively simple process enhances the ‘look’ of your home but, first and foremost, it exists to improve the seal of your home. The better the seal the lower your energy output as heat ceases to leak through external walls.

Types of Rendering

Rendering is a form of plaster which is applied to the external walls of a house. There are numerous textures and materials which offer different kinds of finishes. There are also different renders according to the thermal seal you want to add to your home. These tend to be more expensive, but – in the long term – they offer ongoing savings on utility bills.

What is Thermal Render?

Also known as ‘external wall insulation’ this application attaches thermal boards to the exterior of your home before finishing with plaster. The thermal boards are what make the difference when it comes to sealing your home effectively. Once the boards are in place, they’re covered with a mesh cloth, or anti-crack system. This guarantees that the plaster finish will last for 15-20 years without needing to be replaced, or redecorated.

Your choice of plaster finish will be down to your aesthetic preference, and the style of your property. Once the thermal render is in place, you can be sure of:

  •  enhanced weather protection for your property
  •  lower heating bills
  •  increased energy efficiency for your household
  •  a sustainable exterior finish

Non-Thermal Render

If you’re already happy with the quality of insulation afforded by your property, you might want to opt for non-thermal render. This is exactly the same process of application, except that the thermal boards are not attached prior to the rendering process. This makes the render you choose a predominantly aesthetic choice, rather than one which will offer you long term savings.

Many of our clients decide to change their render, or apply a new render when they’re planning to put their home on the market. A newly rendered property stands out from the houses around it. It’s a differentiator and house buyers tend to appreciate the fact that a guaranteed render means they don’t have to worry about repainting or plastering for at least a decade.

Logic Plastering Provides Rendering in Bedfordshire

The Logic Plastering team offers a range of rendering services to Bedfordshire homes and businesses. Our plasterers have extensive experience working with a range of different types of render, and we’re always happy to offer advice and guidance. We’ll visit your property and assess the external walls before offering a free no obligation quote on the render of your choice.

Working With Local Businesses

We believe in offering a range of high quality rendering services to local customers across the county. We’re delighted to have built up a large customer base, largely by word of mouth. And we take pride in consistently finishing work to deadline and within budget. Most important, we value the feedback we receive, which allows us to keep improving as a company.

Looking to reduce your utility bills? Thermal render may be the solution. Call Logic Plastering on 07809 228328 to find out more about the benefits of rendering your house.