Plastering Services Apsley Guise

The small village of Apsley Guise is one of the most ancient in Bedfordshire. Its name dates back to the 10th century and, whilst none of the village’s current buildings were constructed before the Tudor period, it has more than its fair share of historic architecture. Quite apart from the 18th century Manor House, the Rectory, and the Guise House, there are no less than 26 Georgian listed properties across the village.

For the Logic Plastering team, it’s a delight to find ourselves working in this extraordinary village. Whilst most of the properties we provide plastering services for were built in the 20th, and 21st century, we always consider ourselves in distinguished historic company.

A Local Plasterer for Apsley Guise

Many of our clients in the smaller villages that are scattered across Bedfordshire share a common problem. They have difficulty finding a ‘local plasterer’ who’s willing to make the journey from Luton or Bedford. At Logic Plastering, we consider ourselves as local plasterers for clients across the county, and we’re more than happy to make the journey to Apsley Guise.

Logic Plastering Offers a Range of Plastering Services

If you’re preparing for decorating, or ‘finishing’ a refurbishment project, you’ll need a professional plasterer. We create smooth, blemish-free surfaces that complete the room, and provide an excellent foundation for paint, or wallpaper. There’s no one way of plastering a room, and Logic’s skilled tradesmen offer a range of techniques to provide a perfect finish.

These include:

  • Plaster Boarding. The application of plaster board to ‘finish’ walls and ceilings saves you time, as there’s no waiting for plaster to dry. The room is measured up, and plaster board is cut to size. It’s then attached to the walls. Any joints between boards are then taped to give a consistently smooth finish, and the surface is skimmed and made ready for painting.
  • Plastering. This is still the preferred finish for most tradesmen. Plaster delivers the smoothest, and most durable surface for walls and ceilings, but it takes skill to apply, and time to dry. The Logic Plastering team are experienced professionals who can be relied upon to create a beautiful finish.
  • Dry Lining. This us used to apply plaster board to a range of different surfaces such as metal, timber or brickwork. The dry lining board is applied using ‘tacking’ techniques for metal or timber, or the more specialised ‘dot and dab’ technique when the board is being fixed to a masonry wall.
  • Coving. This is a stylish plaster finish which would look at home in any of the historic houses for which Apsley Guise is known. Coving is a plaster mould that covers the joint between the ceiling and the wall. It’s a plaster technique that was extremely popular with Victorians who developed incredibly ornate decorative examples.

Looking for Plastering Services in Apsley Guise?

If you’re looking for a highly professional finish, from a local business you can trust, Logic Plastering can be relied upon to deliver. We’re a long-established business in Bedfordshire, with an excellent reputation grown over the years. We’re always looking for reasons to visit Apsley Guise, so do contact us to find out how we can help with your plastering requirements.

Looking for local plastering services in Apsley Guise? Logic Plastering is a local business serving the towns and villages of Bedfordshire. Call our specialist plastering team on 07809 228328