Why Use a Professional Plasterer?

As a local plasterer working across Bedfordshire, Logic Plastering gets to see the good, the bad and the ugly on our travels. We’re often called out to put right DIY plastering that’s gone wrong, and that definitely falls into the bad, and downright ugly category. Creating a good job out of a bad one takes time, and money.

So, before you’re tempted to tackle that bedroom wall, take a look at our guide comprising 6 reasons why it makes sense to use a professional plasterer.

1. Plasterers are Trained to Get it Right

Plastering is a traditional skill which requires training, and a fair bit of practice to get right. Every professional plasterer will have made disastrous mistakes – in their training period. By the time they’re working on your walls they can be relied upon to produce excellent results consistently. And if they make a mistake, they know how to put it right, quickly.

2. Using the Right Materials

There’s an array of different kinds of plaster which can be applied to internal and external walls. Choosing the right one for the job ensures an efficient, cost-effective application that looks great. Using the wrong plaster, through lack of knowledge and experience, will leave you with a poorly plastered surface that requires more money to put right.

3. Don’t Be Fooled By the DIY Videos

There are numerous YouTube videos that claim to show how to achieve a perfect plastered wall, with no experience needed. We’re not saying it’s impossible – but it’s highly unlikely. There are two common DIY mistakes we encounter. First is the use of too much, or too little, plaster which leaves wall uneven. Second, is not knowing how long plaster needs to dry before applying paint, or paper.

4. Plastering is a Messy Job

Logic Plastering professionals always clear up after themselves, leaving customers’ homes or workplaces exactly as they found them. We emphasise this as plaster is a messy material, especially if you don’t know how to handle it. We’ve heard horror stories from clients where carpets have had to be replaced, just because of the mess created in the course of plastering a wall.

5. Health & Safety Issues

Providing local plastering services may not sound like a dangerous activity. But any job that involves wet materials, ladders and exposure to live electrical wires should be approached with caution. As a professional local plasterer, we consider the health and safety of the workplace,  and clients, to be an integral part of the work we do. For a DIYer, there may not be the same awareness of the hazards that need to be addressed.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Why use a professional plumber when a friend of a friend can do it for next to nothing? Many of the badly plastered walls we work on got that way because of a desire to save money. But they end up costing more, and creating considerable upset along the way. Your professional local plasterer will turn up promptly, carry out the work efficiently, clear up after themselves, and all at competitive professional rates.

Logic Plastering for Professional Plastering Services

We don’t like to see our customers having to pay out to put their plastered walls right, which is why we advocate using professionals for plastering. For small areas, you can probably get away with doing it yourself, but managing a wall is a completely different kettle of fish. Why use a professional plasterer? Because Logic Plastering professionals take pride in the work they do, and they’re able to promise perfection on every job.

Why use a professional plasterer? 6 reasons why Logic Plastering is the cost-effective option for your Bedfordshire home or business. Call us today on 07809 228328