Professional External Wall Plastering

Walk down any town centre street in Bedfordshire and you’ll see an attractive hotch-potch of architectural building styles, periods and ornamentation. It’s what gives character and identity to a particular place, making it unique. Ever wondered how these buildings survive over the centuries? Well, one of the major reasons is their external wall plastering.

The history of rendering can be traced back to some of the very earliest cities. The Romans introduced it to Britain and we’ve been using a variety of materials to protect our homes ever since. External wall plastering, or rendering, is important because it provides an extra skin over the brickwork. It ensures that your home stays dry, warm and protected against extreme weather, over decades – if not centuries.

Modern External Wall Plastering

21st century render continues to do the same job that it did for the Romans, but it’s developed a decorative function in addition to its original protective use. Take a closer look at the outsides of town buildings and you’ll see that they’re as individual as the buildings themselves. Quite apart from the range of colours available, there’s also a variety of textures, from pebble-dash to smooth or moulded render.

What Are the Benefits of External Render?

You may be wondering whether external wall plastering is a necessity, or just a ‘nice to have’? If you’re preparing your home for sale, it’s a great way to give it instant kerb appeal, and – potentially – boost your property’s value. For homeowners who are looking to replace existing render, or change the appearance of their property, here are 4 intrinsic benefits you will experience:

  1. Additional Insulation For Your Home. Looking for ways to insulate your home more effectively? External wall plastering is an excellent option. Its protective layer will keep the warm air in during the winter and maintain cool temperatures inside during summer.
  2. Colour That Won’t Fade. Looking for an exterior that will remain bright over time? Coloured render comes in a vast palette, so you’re sure to find the shade you want for your home. And once installed, it will retain its colour for up to 25 years.
  3. Peace and Quiet. Not only does external render insulate your home against extreme external temperatures, it also turns the volume down on traffic, roadworks or people enjoying a drink on the street.
  4. Allows Your Home to Breathe. Renders such a lime are known for having breathable qualities. This means that moisture is kept away from your brickwork in order to protect your home from damp – and it’s an entirely natural and sustainable process.

What Kind of Render is Right for my Home?

With so many different kinds of render available, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your home. The Logic Plastering team have a wealth of experience with external wall plastering materials and we’re happy to offer advice to customers. We’ll take into account the age and style of your property, and the budget you have to spend.

External plastering finishes include:

  • Cement. This is the most commonly used render; it’s also extremely competitively priced. The material is mixed on site and applied in layers by skilled plasterers.
  • Polymers. Taking lime, or white cement as their base, polymers are ready-mixed and can be through-coloured prior to application. The polymers make cracking less likely.
  • Acrylic. This render is often applied as a thin coat to seal the plasterwork. They offer an attractive finish and a range of colours. Silicone enhances the durability of the render.
  • Monocouche. The name means ‘single layer’ and this is the source of its popularity. The white cement mix can be pre-coloured and then sprayed, or trowelled onto the surface.
  • Lime. One of the oldest rendering materials, and it continues to be popular. Lime is like a sponge in that it collects water and lets it evaporate naturally without getting near the brickwork.

Professional Plastering Services From Logic Plastering

Logic Plastering is a local Bedfordshire business that’s been providing plastering services for over a decade now. In that time we’ve developed a loyal network of customers across the county, and the majority of jobs we do come from word-of-mouth recommendations. All our work is guaranteed, as is the level of service you can expect from our friendly, professional plasterers. We offer a FREE no obligation quotation on every job, big or small.

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