10 Benefits of Rendering External Walls

There are few things you can do to your home that are as instantly transformative as rendering external walls. Whether you’re looking to add value to your property, enhance its outward appearance, or increase its value to buyers – rendering is an ideal solution. In this blog, the Logic Plastering team has come up with 10 benefits external rendering provides for your home, or commercial premises.

What is Rendering?

At it’s simplest, external rendering is a protective coating for a building. It stops the weather getting in, and the heat from escaping. All renders are designed to improve the durability of a building, and minimise risk of damp and structural problems. In addition to its protective function though, renders come in a range of textures and colours – so they make your property look great, whilst keeping it safe.

10 Benefits of Rendering External Walls

There’s probably more that 10, but these are the ones that are ‘no-brainers’ for the Logic team:

1. Protection Against the British Weather

In the course of a year buildings in the UK with withstand plenty of rain, frequent frost, ice, occasional snow and winds. Render stops water penetrating the brickwork, which could lead to damp and leaks.

2. Keep Your Home Warm

Render adds a layer of insulation to your home’s structure. Rendering external walls will cut down on draughts and make it easier to maintain the temperatures throughout the house. You’ll benefit from warm interiors in the winter, and cool rooms in the summer.

3. Make Poor Brickwork Disappear

Much of the UK’s housing stock is made up of a patchwork of brickwork, some of which is cracked, chipped or eroded. External render simply makes brickwork eyesores disappear – and your home will be more impermeable to the outside elements.

4. Never Paint Again

This is a big benefit for many home, or business owners. Pre-coloured renders are designed for durability. Having chosen your colour, you can enjoy it for up to 25 years without it fading, crumbling, or needing a touch-up.

5. Renders for Every Budget

Rendering the external walls of a building can look like a big job but in fact, there’s a render available for every pocket. It’s worth carefully researching the render you choose though, as some cheaper options need several coats – which can neutralise your saving.

6. Instant Facelift For Your Property

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your kerb appeal, or impress buyers, external render is an excellent option. There’s a wealth of colours and textures to choose from, it guarantees protection from damp, and makes your home more sustainable.

7. Keeps Out The Noise

For some of our clients, the most important advantage render affords it the creation of a quieter interior space. That extra layer between the interior and the exterior world, when coupled with double-glazing, creates a haven of calm.

8. Cracks Are Not a Problem

Renders are now being designed to minimise shrinkage, and reduce the potential for cracking. If this is a worry, discuss it with your external renderers and they’ll be able to offer guidance on the best choice for your property.

9. Breathable External Rendering

Managing moisture is a major function of rendering, inside and out. Internal moisture needs to escape in order to avoid condensation, which external water needs to be repelled. Lime render keeps water away from your brickwork, whilst allowing your building to breathe.

10. Have the Exterior You’ve Always Wanted

There was a time when the UK comprised rows and rows of identical houses. No more! We’ve become more adventurous over the years and the range of renders available allows you to let your imagination run wild!

Working With Logic Plastering

We’re a local Bedfordshire business which has been providing high-quality external rending services for over a decade. These include render repair, removal of old render and new external renders. Our team of professionals are guaranteed to turn up when they say they will, work to the agreed deadline, and clean up after themselves!

If you would like a free quotation for rendering external walls in Bedfordshire, or you need guidance on the types of render that are best for your home, call the Logic team today on 07809 228328