Finding Local Plastering Services Kempston

Finding a local tradesperson you can trust is a long and painstaking process. You want someone who has a local reputation to maintain, who knows their stuff, and who won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Why do we put ourselves through the pain of of searching locally? Because when we find the right person, we know they’ll go the extra mile, and do everything they can to help you out in an emergency.

A Local Plasterer You Can Trust

You’ve probably got a local plumber, or electrician – but what about a local plasterer in Kempston? We’re not often top of the list of essential tradespeople, but if you have a domestic leak, or you’re refurbishing your property, you’ll need someone you can trust to do a good job at an affordable price. A bad plasterer can wreak as much havoc as a bad plumber – so you want to be sure you’ve got someone with the skills and experience to provide a high quality solution for you.

How Do You Choose a Local Plasterer?

Here are our rules of thumb when people ask us this question:

  • Look at the Reviews – we’ll always look at online reviews before buying, and it’s the same for plastering services. Take a look at the reviews on their website.
  • Ask Around – if you’re worried that reviews could be fake, ask around. People are quick to recall horror stories. If they’ve only heard good things, it’s worth following through.
  • Talk on the Phone – we’re less likely to speak on the phone, now we have email. But talking to someone about the job you want doing gives you a real sense of whether you can trust them.
  • Get a Number of Quotes – make sure you get quotes from 3 or 4 different plasterers, so you can compare. And check carefully what’s included in the quote.
  • Check How Long They’ve Been in Business – a new plastering company might be great but they don’t have a track record. Minimise the risk by finding a company that’s been round the block a few times.

Providing Great Customer Service

As a local plasterer in Kempston, with quite a few years of trading under our belt, the Logic Plastering team know how important customer service is to the business. All of our plasterers are highly skilled, but that’s not enough to build a local reputation. We know that we have to up our game constantly to compete with other Kempston plastering businesses, and retain the loyal customer network we’ve built.

So how do we do it?

    • Prompt, Reliable Work – we offer flexible scheduling in order to meet your requirements. We always turn up on time and we finish work to agreed deadlines.
    • Friendly, Respectful Plasterers – we are aware that it’s disruptive to have tradespeople in the house, so we’re friendly and respectful of our surroundings throughout the work.
    • We Clean Up After Ourselves – we keep our workspaces clean and contained. We’ll take care to leave your house as we found it.
  • We Encourage Feedback – knowing what customers think of our work helps us to get better. We’ll ask you to review our service, and we’ll listen to what you say.

If you’re looking for reliable local plastering services in Kempston, give us a call today on 07809 228328 to find out how we can help.