Is External Wall Rendering an Unnecessary Expense?

At the moment we’re all looking at ways that we can cut back on household expenses, so is external wall rendering necessary, or is it just a luxury you can do without? This is a problem that a few of Logic Plastering’s customers are battling with, so this blog will look at the benefits of external rendering, so you can work out if it’s a cost-effective investment.

Is External Rendering the Same as Plastering?

Rendering is similar to plastering, but it tends to use more cement in the mix. That’s because render has three functions. First, it makes the outside of your home look stunning, Second, it makes your walls more durable. Third, it protects your walls from rain, frost, sleet, and snow.

Render comes in many forms, dependent on how you want your home to look, and the budget you have available. Basic rendering is made up of sand, cement, and lime. Additionally renders include a range of colours, drying agents, bonding agents, and textures.

5 Benefits External Rendering Provides

The Logic Plastering team would always recommend external wall rendering, not only because it enhances your property – it can also save you money!

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

High-quality external rendering, with an external insulation system, can improve the thermal performance of your home. With the current focus on insulating homes in order to reduce energy use, this is an ideal way to invest in your home, improve its appearance, and receive ongoing financial returns, year after year.

2. Make Your Home Watertight

Your property is always under attack from the elements, and render provides a protective armour. Without render, the repetitive onslaught of rain, frost and wind will take a toll on your brickwork and could lead to water seeping in and creating damp patches. Rendering gives peace of mind that your walls are water-resistant, and your brickwork is more durable as a consequence.

3. Give Your Property Kerb Appeal

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, you want your property to have that ‘wow’ factor that makes people want to view it. High-quality rendering makes an excellent impression, whilst cracked or stained render is very off-putting. External wall rendering is the first impression that people will have of your home, you want it to be a good one.

4. Increase the Fire Resistance of Your Property

Nobody likes to think about their home burning down but, should the worst happen, external rendering offers an enhanced fire-resistance rating. This means that the fire spreads more slowly, giving you time to vacate the property safely before it really takes hold. The rating for your rendering will give a clear indication of how fire-resistant it is.

5. Breathable Walls

Render protects your walls against water ingress, but it can also create a system which allows your walls to breathe. Lime plaster behaves like a dehumidifier. It has the capabilities of holding moisture naturally in its pores, which it releases into the air if the conditions become too dry. Moisture is held in the render and doesn’t penetrate to the brickwork beneath.

Working With Logic Plastering

Rendering specialists can add value to your property, reduce your energy usage, and enhance the durability of your home. It’s not money in your pocket, but you are protecting your home against depreciation, and issues such as damp and condensation can become costly over time.

Logic Plastering is a local business, based in Bedford, and we’ve been providing external wall rendering for over a decade now. Our rendering team are all skilled and professional tradesmen with years of experience behind them. Logic provides a free, no obligation quotation on all jobs and we always guarantee the work we do. Customers across Bedfordshire know they can trust us to arrive promptly, complete the work to deadline, and charge affordable rates for what we do.

If you are considering external wall rendering, one of the Logic Plastering team will be happy to come out and provide a free no obligation quote. Call us today on 07809 228328