Looking for a Drywall Contractor in Bedford?

At Logic Plastering, we believe there’s no finer sight that a beautifully plastered wall. It provides you with the ideal foundations for decorating and it ‘finishes’ your room for you. Having said that, there’s more than one way to plaster a room. Many of our clients don’t have the time to wait for plaster to dry, and so they opt for drywall, or dry lining instead.

What is Dry Lining?

Put simply, it’s a way of creating the equivalent of a plastered wall, without using any of the wet ingredients. Plasterboard or ‘drywall’ is used instead. The board is cut cut to precisely fit the area it’s covering. Then it’s attached to the wall using stud walls, joists or the original brickwork. This is an efficient way to create a paint-ready surface fast.

The quality and flexibility of dry lining materials means they’re used for a huge range of applications:

  • Retailers love drywall because it allows them to create the space and shape they require in just a few hours.
  • Offices have to be flexible to the changing shape of the workflow. Refurbishment used to be costly, but drywall has made it a cost effective way to boost productivity.
  • Refurbishments require high quality partition walls to create adaptations of existing space. Dry lining provides a fully compliant solution.
  • Domestic space changes as children grow up and working practices change. Dry lining is a quick and easy way to create a home office, or sound-proof the band practice room.

Any Other Benefits in Using a Drywall Contractor?

As I’ve mentioned before, drywall is an adaptable material, and it’s also a solution to quite a few challenges our clients regularly face. This is because dry lining comes in a number of different applications, all of which are designed to improve the quality of life, and health & safety of families or employees.

Here are 4 applications we use most regularly:

  1. Aqua Board. Designed with bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms in mind. The plasterboard is treated to be water repellent, and it’s resistant to the formation of mould or fungus.
  2. Fire Board. In order to make it fire resistant, drywall has a fire retardant additive, and contain glass fibre. This kind of dry lining can contain a fire for a limited time.
  3. Green Insulation. Environmentally friendly dry lining carries a high ‘R-value’. This means that it slows down heat loss, keeping the interior warm in winter, and cool in summer.
  4. Sound Board. Sound-proofing dry lining has a high density core designed to limit the transference of noise between adjoining walls or ceilings.

Logic Plastering Has a Track Record as a Drywall Contractor in Bedford

We’re a local business that’s been working in Bedford for over a decade now. It’s easy to check out our track record because we’ve worked for 100s of businesses and families across the town. We’ve built our reputation by placing our customers at the heart of what we do. We provide honest, accurate quotes, and we honour those quotes with reliable, high-quality workmanship.

If you would like to find out more about the services Logic Plastering offer in Bedford, call our drywall team on 07809 228328 for a FREE no obligation quote.