Logic Plastering Offers Dry Lining in Bedford

Dry lining is a kind of cladding, made of plasterboard, which is secured to metal, brickwork or timber to create a smooth, paint-ready surface. If there’s no time to finish a wall or ceiling using traditional plastering techniques, dry lining is is fast, high quality alternative. As there’s no plaster that needs to dry out, this kind of plasterboard lining reduces the installation period considerably.

Why Opt for Dry Lining Services?

Dry lining is becoming increasingly popular because of the speed and efficiency with which it can be installed. It’s easy to work with, and the finished effect is great. Whilst this in itself is reason enough to embrace dry lining, there are lots more benefits that it offers…

  1. Dry Lining Offers a Precision Finish. The dry lining plasterboard is cut precisely to the measurements required. This provides a precision finish every time.
  2. A Range of Dry Lining Materials. The plasterboard comes in a range of thicknesses, widths and length. This makes dry lining an extremely flexible material to work with.
  3. Change isn’t a Problem. If you want to make alterations to a plasterboard finish, the process is quick and easy to manage thanks to the adaptability of the materials.
  4. A Range of Applications. We’ve used dry lining in Bedford both in domestic and commercial contexts. If you’re looking to refurbish quickly, it’s the ideal solution.
  5. Thermal Insulation. Dry lining enhances thermal insulation, and helps in the prevention of condensation. Additional insulation can be fitted between the plasterboard and the wall.

Sound-Board Dry Lining Services

This is a popular solution for homes where there’s noise leakage either between internal rooms, or from next door. Sound-Board is a high density gypsum based board which will help to block out the sound of conversations, music or the TV. This kind of plasterboard uses three layers of soundproofing to add mass to your wall, which prevents the sound energy, or vibration being able to pass through.

Fire-Board Interior Services

Fire-Board is designed to slow down the progress of fire, should such an emergency occur. This is made possible by the high percentage of water in the mortar and gypsum. This is released as steam if it comes into contact with fire. Fire-Board also contains a fire retardant in addition to the water. This slows the fire to allow for an orderly evacuation, but it won’t halt the progress of the fire completely.Second-to-None Customer Services

Foil-Backed Board Odour Insulation

Ever wondered how to stop kitchen smells dispersing throughout the rest of the house? Foil-Backed Board could be the solution you’re looking for. The foil stops the spread of odours, but it’s also effective in the reducing the progress of creeping damp. Moisture cannot penetrate the foil which keeps the plasterboard wall dry.

Aqua-Board Interior Services

If you’re installing dry lining in a bathroom or shower, you would use Aqua Board. This is a wax-coated water resistant plasterboard which is ideal for humid or wet environments. It’s water, mould and fungus resistant, as well as being fire retardant. Once installed Aqua-Board is paint or tile ready for immediate application.

Looking for Dry Lining in Bedford?

The Logic Plastering team have been offering dry lining services for a number of years now, and we enjoy the numerous benefits it confers. If you’re looking for a fast, good-looking, precision alternative to plastering for your interior walls, we can provide a skilled and experienced dry lining team.

Searching for a local professional dry lining team with a great track record, and high standards of workmanship, get in touch today on 07809 228328!