Logic Plastering Provides a Range of Coving in Luton

Whilst coving is becoming more and more popular, there’s still some confusion around what it is. Coving is a decorative finish, which also has a practical function. It’s used to cover the angle between the ceiling and the wall. It serves the practical purpose of covering small cracks that can occur in this area as the result of heat expansion. Decoratively, coving disperses the sharpness of the 90º angle, and creates a bridging C shaped curve between the ceiling and wall which is pleasing to the eye.

Examples of Luton Coving Installation

Many of our Luton clients opt for coving because they either want to use coving to ‘finish’ the room. Or they tell us that they want a feature that will give the room a period elegance and style. We’ve probably all seen hugely ornate coving in heritage properties. The domestic version tends to be slimmer and simpler, but it will still offer an echo of historic grandeur.

If your property has high ceilings – normally built in the mid to late 19th century – the classic Egg & Dart style works well. This motif is found in Greek and Roman architecture, and it really sets off a large period living room. Ceilings tend to be lower in 20th and 21st century builds and our installations tend to be simpler where the house is more modern. A sleek, simple C or S shape coving looks subtly elegant without overpowering the décor.

How To Select Coving For Your Home

There are plenty of suppliers who can show you examples of coving, but we would recommend that you do a bit of ‘field research’ before deciding. You can’t really tell what coving looks like until you see it in place. So keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. Spend the day at your local National Trust property. Find some examples of the kind of effect you’re looking for. The coving installers at Logic Plastering will then know what you’re wanting to achieve.

Coving with Additional Features

Coving is now an increasingly popular feature, which means that the range of coving designs is growing exponentially. Choosing a shape you like is just the start. Contemporary coving can incorporate spotlights or downlighting. Then there’s the colour palette. The majority of our Luton clients choose a neutral colour, but we’ve seen some stunning use of colour to draw the eye, and help shape the space below.

Luton Coving Installation

Whatever you choose to do with your coving, it’s an exciting way to change the shape and feel of a room. Our job, as coving installers, is to provide you with a beautiful blank canvas to work with. We guarantee care, craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s these qualities that have enabled us to grow our reputation in Luton, via recommendations and word of mouth.

We’ll offer you advice you can trust, the very best materials, and a friendly professional team who always turn up on time and clean up after themselves!! We know that our reputation is built on every single job we do, so we consistently provide the very best service, no matter the size of the task.

If you’re thinking of installing coving in your home, call our team of coving experts today to find out how we can support you.