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If you walk into a room and feel as though something’s missing – it could be to do with a lack of coving.

Coving was first invented to ‘finish’ a room. In its most basic form it’s a piece of curved plasterwork that covers the right angle where the ceiling meets the wall. It serves a practical purpose in that it covers an unsightly cracks, but its primary function is to soften the angles of the room, please the eye, and create a senses of ‘completion’ for guests.

Contemporary Coving Services

At one time, the installation of patterned or decorative coving was a long drawn-out process. This is because the plasterwork had to be carefully applied by a craftsman, and then dried over a period of weeks. Now coving installation is much faster, thanks to the creation of coving panels which professionals are able to fit in hours rather than days, and they need no drying out period.

There are now numerous different styles of coving to choose from, and panels come in a range of different colours and finishes. Coving as interior decoration has become immensely popular over the past few years, and the Logic Plastering team have been impressed by the many ways in which our Bedford clients use it to add elegance and style to their homes.

Different Types of Coving

There are different kinds of coving to suit the size and dimensions of your rooms.

The most enduringly popular are:

  • Georgian Coving. This is a celebration of the classical work. As such, Georgian coving favours the kind of motifs and patterns that can be found in ancient Greek decorative art. Multiple patterns may be used in one coving panel to provide multi-layered texture.
  •  Victorian Coving. You’ll no doubt have seen this in large houses of the period. The coving tends to be quite shallow, and project quite a distance onto the ceiling. It favours a number of ridges and curves, and often features decorative plasterwork in the shape of leaves.
  •  Edwardian Coving. In the period after the death of Queen Victoria, coving changed its shape and style as interior design transformed. Gone was the fussiness of the Victorian cornice. In its place is an austere elegance characterised by slim perpendicular lines.
  •  Art Deco Coving. If you’re looking to your coving for a splash of creativity, Art Deco coving could be the solution. The style was featured in the 1925 Paris Exhibition, and it favours stepped motifs, sun ray design, and a modern brutality of line and texture.

Logic Plastering for Local Bedford Coving Services

For over a decade now, the Logic Plastering team has been providing a range of interior services for our Bedford clients. We’re there for all your basic plastering and dry lining needs, but we’re also a dab hand when it comes to decorative finishes. We provide FREE no obligation quotes, and we’re happy to offer guidance and advice on the kind of coving that would suit your home best.

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