High-Quality Dry Lining Services in Kempston

Looking for a smooth plaster finish that’s both cost-effective and fast? Logic Plastering offers dry lining services in Bedfordshire as an effective alternative to plastered ceilings and walls. Installation is fast, and within hours you’ll have a paint-ready surface to work with. There’s no drying time to factor in, you can apply paint or tiles immediately.

How Does Dry Lining Work?

The term ‘dry lining’ refers to pre-cut plasterboard which is fixed directly onto ceilings or walls. It’s used, like plaster, to cover the uneven surfaces presented by brickwork, masonry or timber. Unlike plaster, it’s a dry material that’s clean to install and requires no drying out before it can be painted, or papered. And the finish is just as smooth and impressive as that achieved by plaster work.

Is Dry Lining Superior to Plaster?

Our customers in Kempston tend to choose dry lining because of the speed with with it can be installed. A skilled plasterer has to apply two layers of plaster to finish a wall, with drying times factored in. That can take days. A dry lining installation takes just hours to fix the pre-cut plasterboard to walls or ceilings. And if you require additional insulation, this can be placed in the cavity between the wall and the lining board.

Where is Dry Lining Installed?

The beauty of dry lining board is that it can be use pretty much anywhere. It’s as easy to attach to brickwork as it is to stud walls in newer properties. There are two standard thicknesses for plasterboard panelling: 12.5mm and 9.5mm. The thickness required, on any given job, is judged according to the distance between studs – on a partition wall. For ceilings we use 12.5mm as standard, because this minimises the risk of sagging.

Logic Plastering Offers Dry Lining Services Kempston

The Logic Plastering team offers both plastering and dry lining skills to our Kempston customers. For over a decade now we’ve been installing high-quality dry lining where a speedy turnaround is required. We’re now able to offer a range of dry lining services:

  • Aqua Board. This is a specialist dry lining application developed for use in bathrooms or shower rooms as a base for tiling. Aqua board is designed to be water repellent, and resistant to the growth of mould or fungus. It’s ideal for humid environments, and you can tile or paint onto it directly.
  • Sound Board. If you live in a terraced, or semi-detached house, or an apartment, sound board dry lining is ideal for keeping the noise of neighbours at bay. It has a high density core which prevents noise travelling through the wall from one room to another.
  • Fire Board. This is a dry lining application developed to slow down the spread of fire from one room to another. Fire board contains glass fibre and a fire retardant additive which delays the progress of flames, and allows for evacuation.
  • Foil-Backed Board. If you want to stop the spread of smells from cooking throughout your home, foil-backed board can help. This cleave application catches vapours and turns them into condensation, which neutralises the smell in its tracks.

Logic Plastering – A Local Kempston Business

For over a decade, Logic Plastering has been providing a range of plastering services to Kempston customers. These include: external rendering, plastering, dry-lining and screeding. Our network has been build largely on recommendations, and we take pride in the reputation for high quality work we’ve built over the years.

“Great work, really impressed with the final look of the house. Highly recommended. 10/10”

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