Logic Plastering Provides Dry Lining Services Bedford

Looking for a simple, and cost effective way of cladding your home’s wall and ceilings? Dry lining could be the ideal solution. It’s quick to install and provides a smooth, paint-ready surface. There’s no waiting for plaster to dry, you just finish with the colour, or tiles of your choice.

What is Dry Lining?

It’s a fast and effective way to create walls that can be painted or papered immediately. The term ‘dry lining’ refers to boards which are pre-cut and then fixed directly onto internal walls or ceilings. This finish is required because brickwork, timber or masonry doesn’t provide a smooth surface for finishing. Traditionally walls are plastered to achieve a good surface. Dry lining replaces the need for plaster.

Why Choose Dry Lining Rather Than Plaster?

Quite simply, dry lining is much faster to apply than plaster, but the finish it provides is equivalent. Rather than waiting for plaster to dry, the dry lining specialist can attach dry lining directly to your internal wall in hours. Alternatively the dry lining materials are attached using timber or metal studs. Should you require insulation for your home, this can be inserted between the dry lining panel and the wall.

Where Can You Use Dry Lining?

Dry lining can be applied with equal ease to brickwork in older properties, and stud walls in newer homes. The plasterboard panels are available in two standard thicknesses, 9.5mm and 12.5mm. You would normally judge the thickness required by the distance between stud, if fitted on a partition wall. When using dry lining for ceilings we always use 12.5mm as this minimises the potential for sagging.

A Range of Dry Lining Services Bedford

The Logic Plastering dry lining team have been working with this material now for a number of years. It’s increasingly popular with our Bedford clients because of its adaptability and speed of installation. It’s also now available in a range of applications:

  • Fire Board: As the name suggests, this is used to limit the potential of fire spreading in domestic properties. The board contains glass fibre and fire retardant additive. It normally has a pink finish which can be painted on directly.
  • Aqua Board: This is used in bathrooms or shower rooms as a base for tiling. The board is water repellent, and resistant to mould and fungus. It’s highly effective in rooms where the humidity is likely to be high, and can be painted or tiled on directly.
  • Sound Board: Want to keep noisy neighbours at bay? Or create an effective room divider? Sound board utilises a high density core, mineral wool and other soundproofing materials to ensure that noise is stopped in its tracks between one room and another.
  • Foil-Backed Board: This board is designed to stop warm vapours passing from one space to another. It works by ‘capturing’ the vapours and turning them into condensation, rather than allowing them to permeate the board in their original form.

Logic Plastering – A Bedford Business You Can Trust

For over 10 years now, Logic Plastering has been providing plastering services, rendering, coving and dry lining to Bedford customers. We have build our local sales network largely through word-of-mouth, and we take pride in the volume of positive feedback we receive for our work. We provide free no obligation quotes to our customers, with fully transparent costings.

If you’re looking for dry lining services in Bedford, call Logic Plastering today on 07809 228328. We can provide a prompt response, and excellent quality of service.