Bedford dry lining

Dry Lining Services Bedford

Bedford Dry Lining Services

Logic Plastering Provides Dry Lining Services in Bedford

Looking for a simple, and cost effective way of cladding your home’s wall and ceilings? Dry lining could be the ideal solution. It’s quick to install and provides a smooth, paint-ready surface. There’s no waiting for plaster to dry, you just finish with the colour, or tiles of your choice.

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dry lining in bedford

Dry Lining in Bedford

Logic Plastering Offers Dry Lining in Bedford

Dry lining is a kind of cladding, made of plasterboard, which is secured to metal, brickwork or timber to create a smooth, paint-ready surface. If there’s no time to finish a wall or ceiling using traditional plastering techniques, dry lining is is fast, high quality alternative. As there’s no plaster that needs to dry out, this kind of plasterboard lining reduces the installation period considerably.

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