Repairing and Protecting External Rendered Walls

With over a decade of experience providing plastering, rendering and dry lining services in Bedfordshire, Logic Plastering is now a trusted source of guidance and advice. As a leading provider in the county, and we regularly get plastering related calls, and we’re always happy to help out where we can. Here is a typical query from a customer who had moved to his current house 3 years ago:

“We were warned that the render was poor when we moved in. It looked OK, though, until recently when cracks have started appearing. I’m just wondering whether it’s possible to repair the cracks, or will I have to replace the whole lot? It looks like it’s a smooth, cream coloured render that’s been used – not sure what it’s called though.”

In this blog, we’ll look at how to repair cracks in external rendered walls and provide some expert guidance around maintaining and preserving your render.

Can Cracked Render Be Repaired?

In a nutshell, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” However, it’s essential to begin with an assessment of the size and severity of the issue before starting on any repair work.

If you have noticed minor, hairline cracks, it’s entirely feasible to consider a DIY solution, so long as you feel confident to do so. To help with these kind of repairs, there are readily available render repair kits that make the process relatively straightforward. Rest assured, this is not a monumental undertaking and can be accomplished with relative ease.

On the other hand, when confronted with more extensive cracks and if the render is showing signs of significant wear and tear, we strongly advise seeking the expertise of a professional. Neglecting cracks in your rendering can lead to their escalation in severity over time, potentially resulting in larger, costlier repairs. Therefore, addressing these issues at an early stage is wise.

What Causes Cracks in External Rendered Walls?

What Causes Cracks in External Rendered Walls?

The development of cracks in external render can be attributed to a multitude of factors, often stemming from the initial application of the render itself. Issues may arise due to the quality of the original render material or poor application.

One of the most common causes of cracked render is the infiltration of frost and moisture, which becomes trapped between the render and the underlying brickwork. This predicament typically arises from untreated hairline cracks that, if left unattended, permit the intrusion of water. Subsequently, in freezing temperatures, the water expands as it freezes, dislodging the render from the wall and often exacerbating the existing cracks in the process.

Inadequate installation practices can also lead to render failures. It may result from improper wall preparation prior to rendering, or adverse weather conditions during application, such as extreme heat or cold, which can disrupt the curing process. Mismatches between the strength of the base coat and the top coat can also cause issues. When the base coat expands more than the top coat, it can induce the formation of cracks.

Could Cracks in Render Be Caused By Structural Problems?

For older properties, render cracks may simply be a natural consequence of the building settling over time. While this is a normal part of a building’s life cycle, it remains imperative to address cracks promptly to prevent the ingress of dampness or frost. If there’s clear evidence that these cracks are worsening with time, it’s advisable to engage a structural engineer who can assess whether the building is undergoing abnormal shifts, ensuring the structural integrity of your property is maintained.

How to Safeguard and Sustain Your External Render

Timely repair of render cracks is essential, but equally crucial is safeguarding your render to ward off potential future issues.

A straightforward yet effective solution is to apply a render sealer and protector to your existing surface. This product forms a robust bond with the original render, providing an additional layer of defence. Taking this proactive step significantly reduces the risk of water infiltration, fosters a self-cleaning surface, and minimises the likelihood of mould and algae growth. The application is hassle-free, allowing you to use a spray, brush, or roller.

When professionally installed and carefully maintained, rendered surfaces can endure for many years, often up to 20 – 40 years. This longevity underscores the value of protection and maintenance practices in ensuring the durability and aesthetic appeal of your render.

Render Repair and Replacement

Render Repair and Replacement

At Logic Plastering, we’re committed to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for repairing cracks in external rendered walls. Our dedicated team of experts will not only offer recommendations but also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the necessary work.

Our patch render repair process is meticulous, involving the removal of damaged render, careful mortar joint raking, thorough brickwork cleaning, and the precise re-application of render. Our aim is to achieve a seamless finish, rendering the joint as inconspicuous as possible.

We work with a variety of coloured renders and have the capability to match most existing renders during the repair process. However, if a customer decides that a complete render replacement is their preferred choice, we are more than happy to guide them through the entire process. Our team will also offer valuable advice on the type of external plastering finish that best suits their vision.

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