Repairing Cracks in External Rendered Walls

At Logic Plastering we often get queries about repairing cracks in external rendered walls. This is a typical query from a customer who had moved to his current house 3 years ago:

“We were warned that the render was poor when we moved in. It looked OK, though, until recently when cracks have started appearing. I’m just wondering whether it’s possible to repair the cracks, or will I have to replace the whole lot? It looks like it’s a smooth, cream coloured render that’s been used – not sure what it’s called though”

Can Cracked Render Be Repaired?

Repairing cracks in external rendered walls is possible, but there’s a couple of things the Logic team would need to know before committing to it:

  • Does the render near the cracks sound hollow when tapped?
  • Are the cracks joined up?
  • Is the render crumbly, or soft?

If any of these are the case, then your render probably needs to be completely replaced. Why? Because each of these symptoms indicate that the render has completely disengaged from the wall.

Why Does Render Come Away From the Wall?

There’s a number of reasons for ‘blown’ render, and most of them come down to poor installation. It could be that the wall wasn’t prepared properly prior to applying the render. Or, it may be that the weather conditions were too hot, or too cold, which will affect the curing process. Finally, the topping coat could have been too strong for the base coat. This means that the first coat will expand more than the top coat and cause cracks.

Could Cracks in Render Be Caused By Structural Problems?

If it’s an old property, there’s a chance that render cracks are simply a symptom of the building settling. This is a perfectly normal process, but cracks should be repaired to stop damp or frost getting in. If the cracks are clearly getting worse it may be worth getting a building surveyor in to check out whether the building is shifting abnormally.

Repair or Replace Render?

Where repairing cracks in external rendered walls is possible, the Logic Plastering team will offer their recommendations, accompanied with a FREE, no obligation quote for the work required. We work with a range of coloured renders, and can match up most renders in the repair process. If, however, a customer decides that they want to replace the render, we’re happy to talk through the process and offer advice on the kind of external plastering finish they want to achieve.

Logic Plastering Offers Render Repair and Replacement

Logic Plastering is a local Bedford business which provides professional exterior rendering plastering, and dry lining services throughout Bedfordshire. If you have cracks or unsightly patches where your rendering has fallen off, our plasterers will assess the repairs needed and give you a FREE no obligation quote for the work.

Worried about cracks in your exterior rendering? For prompt peace of mind call Logic Plastering today on 07809 228328