How Professional Render Repair Protects Your Home

We depend on the walls of our homes to provide a protective buffer between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. This works metaphorically, in that your home becomes the place you can retreat to in bad times, but they also have a practical job to do. Walls keep the weather, draughts and noise out of our homes. Rendering helps with the process, by adding an external layer to protect your home’s brickwork.

Render Repair Maintains Your Weatherproof Membrane

Cracked or flaky rendering exposes your home’s masonry to the elements. If rain, snow or frost gets past the defences your rendering provides, it can get into the brickwork and cause ongoing problems with damp. It’s important, therefore, to keep your eyes open for signs of damage or wear. These might take the form of:

  • Hairline Cracks. These will quickly get worse if not attended to.
  • Larger Cracks. An indication that water has already been able to penetrate the render.
  • Bulging Render. Often caused by cold temperatures causing moisture trapped behind the render to freeze.
  • Blown Render. This is where the render feels hollow when tapped. It means that the render is no longer sticking to the walls and should be replaced quickly.

What Kind of Repair is Required?

Without a doubt, the earlier you catch a problem with your render, the easier and more cost-effective the solution. Most rendering repairs are local – which means that only the area affected needs to be repaired. The process usually follows these four steps:

  1. Locate Render Problems. Professional eyes will be able to discern all the areas of your render that need attention.
  2. Remove Loose, or Damaged Render. Cracked or damaged render is removed back to the ‘healthy’ render around it. The exposed wall is left to dry out.
  3. Patch the Damaged Areas. New render is applied to the damaged areas. This will be matched to existing render but, even so, it may be impossible to achieve a completely invisible repair.
  4. Redecorate. In the majority of cases, if large areas of render have had to be patched, you’ll need to repaint your rendered exterior.

Matching Render Correctly

Many of the rendering repairs the Logic Plastering team carry out are caused by the wrong render having been applied to the brickwork. This can happen either in the original application, or as part of a repair. Traditional lime render, for example, should never be patched using cement render. This is because lime is unique in its ability to soak up moisture and allow it to evaporate. Cement stops this natural process from working as it should.

Logic Plastering Offers Professional Render Repair

Logic Plastering is a local Bedford business which provides professional plastering, rendering and dry lining services across Bedfordshire. If you have cracks or unsightly patches where your rendering has fallen off, our plasterers will assess the repairs needed and give you a FREE no obligation quote for the work.

“Great work, really impressed with the final look of the house. Highly recommended. 10/10”

– Clare Sutherland

Looking for professional render repair? Logic Plastering offer free no obligation quotes on all our work, and provide skilled plasterers for every job – 07809 228328