Logic Offers a Range of External Plastering Finishes

External plastering, otherwise known as rendering, is a great solution for homeowners wanting to change the appearance of their house. The plaster doesn’t just deliver on the aesthetics, though. It can also help to insulate your home – which drives down utility bills – and stop damp or water from finding its way into your brickwork.

The big decision for Logic Plastering clients to make is which external plastering finish to choose. What was once a fairly simple choice between two or three options has now grown to a dazzling array of finishes. We thought our Bedfordshire clients might appreciate a walk-through of the external plastering finishes to choose from.

5 External Plaster Finishes

1. Silicone, or Silicate Render

This is, perhaps, our most popular render finish, because it offers so many benefits. It’s a ‘hydrophobic’, or self cleaning render which makes it extremely low maintenance. It’s also a beautifully flexible material, which means that it’s very unlikely to crack. Add to that the fact that it’s breathable, looks great, and lasts for decades, and you’ll see why Logic clients love it.

2. Lime Render

Lime provided an ancient remedy to cottages that were exposed on hillsides or moors and needed an excellent weatherproofing. It’s now chosen more for it’s warm, white colouration, and its eco-friendly qualities. Lime plaster doesn’t repel moisture, rather it sucks it in – like a sponge. Once the weather becomes more clement, the moisture evaporates whilst the walls stay dry.

3. Sand and Cement

If you’re planning to paint the outside of your house, once the external render has been applied, then sand and cement is an option. This is a much stronger, and more durable external finish than lime plaster, but it’s also less waterproof and more brittle. At Logic Plastering we would normally recommend a paint finish in order to add another layer of protection to your home.

4. Spraystone Render Finish

If you’re looking for a traditional stone finish for your home, spraystone could be the solution. These are normally acrylic exterior finishes that can be applied to whatever render you have in place. They, like lime plaster, are a breathable, porous material and they provide a finish that looks like granite, or marble.

5. Acrylic Renders

Acrylic renders are often added to sand and cement in order to enhance its water resistance, and minimise the potential for cracking. They can, however, also be added once the base coat is in place. The acrylic will tint the plasterwork the shade you want it, without changing the texture of the plasterwork itself.

Logic Plastering Offers House Rendering Services in Bedfordshire

For over 10 years, now, Logic Plastering has been providing high quality plastering services in Bedfordshire. Our skilled, and highly experienced team can advise on the kind of render that would suit your home, and provide second-to-none professional workmanship in installing the external plastering finish of your choice.

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