Coving Luton

Coving for Luton Area

Logic Plastering Provides a Range of Coving in Luton

Whilst coving is becoming more and more popular, there’s still some confusion around what it is. Coving is a decorative finish, which also has a practical function. It’s used to cover the angle between the ceiling and the wall. It serves the practical purpose of covering small cracks that can occur in this area as the result of heat expansion. Decoratively, coving disperses the sharpness of the 90º angle, and creates a bridging C shaped curve between the ceiling and wall which is pleasing to the eye.

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dry lining in bedford

Dry Lining in Bedford

Logic Plastering Offers Dry Lining in Bedford

Dry lining is a kind of cladding, made of plasterboard, which is secured to metal, brickwork or timber to create a smooth, paint-ready surface. If there’s no time to finish a wall or ceiling using traditional plastering techniques, dry lining is is fast, high quality alternative. As there’s no plaster that needs to dry out, this kind of plasterboard lining reduces the installation period considerably.

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Wall Rendering in Bedford

Wall Rendering in Bedford

Logic Plastering Provides Wall Rendering in Bedford

Why render your home? If you’re applying rendering to your house exterior for the first time, it’s probably for one of three reasons:

Weather-proofing – applying a durable protective coating to your home stops water getting in. Rendering is also used as a way of managing problems with penetrative damp.
Insulation – a rendered home will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll enjoy a comfortable temperature throughout the year and lower bills!
External Styling – rendering your home allows you to give it a makeover. If your brickwork is looking tired or worn, rendering provides a clean, textured finish in your choice of colour.

If your existing rendering is starting to crack or look shabby, you may be considering repairs, or a replacement render in the style of your choice.

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Plastering Services Kempston

Plastering Services Kempston

Finding Local Plastering Services Kempston

Finding a local tradesperson you can trust is a long and painstaking process. You want someone who has a local reputation to maintain, who knows their stuff, and who won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Why do we put ourselves through the pain of of searching locally? Because when we find the right person, we know they’ll go the extra mile, and do everything they can to help you out in an emergency.

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coving installer bedford

Coving Installer Bedford

Logic Plastering is a Recommended Coving Installer Bedford

Visit any heritage property and your eye will, at some point, be drawn to the elegant coving that has been used to ‘finish’ the plasterwork in the room. However elaborate, it’s actually serving a practical purpose. Coving covers up the settlement cracks that can occur due to heat expansion on the ceiling and walls. It forms a decorative bridge, whilst eliminating potential flaws in the plaster finish.

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what is skimming in plastering

What is Skimming in Plastering?

Skimming is a plastering technique which involves applying a thin coat to walls to create the smooth surface required for painting or decorating. Either the skim plaster is applied to an existing plaster finish, or it’s used to cover plasterboard. The ‘perfect skimmed finish’ isn’t easy to achieve, it requires a trained professional who has had years of experience as a plasterer.

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